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Fly Compton Aeronautical Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization founded in 2020 by a group of African American professional pilots and aircraft mechanics that all had a common goal... to give back to and invest in the youth of our community. Concurrently,  we are contributing to the diversification of an industry that has been long been exclusive to individuals of a higher economic status.

As of 2018, people of color only make up 2.3% of all aircraft pilots and flight engineers. There are 3 main things that contribute to this troubling statistic:

1.    Lack of exposure

2.    Access to Resources    

3.    High Cost of Flight training

Our mission is to introduce minority youth to the aviation industry and all of the many opportunities that it affords them. We will accomplish this by providing them with programs and resources designed to serve as a catalyst for their venture into an industry that is not traditionally accessible to individuals of a lower socio-economic status.

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