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FCAEF Flight Class Staff Volunteer

  • Duration Varies
  • FCAEF Flight Class

Service Description

Thank you for volunteering for FCAEF Flight Class. Class schedules with volunteer positions and their time blocks can be found in the FCAEF Playbook which will be sent to you upon reserving your position. Every volunteer must check-in at designated check-in desk upon arrival. If your check-in information is not found, you will receive assistance on how to update your volunteer profile. Every volunteer will receive a badge. If you have not taken a photo for your badge, please select the option to make a photo ID reservation. The number next to each volunteer position indicates how many individuals are needed. Please choose the appropriate questions for your volunteer position. Once volunteer position is booked, no one else will have the option to choose it, so please choose carefully and add the date to your calendar as a reminder. Please find available volunteer positions below. Thank you. Staff Volunteer Positions On Duty Officer (1) overseas flight class and provides on-site assistance to staff and guests. This position is reserved for Fly Compton Owners. Apparel Table (1) designated for Fly Compton merchandise sales and must be run by a Fly Compton representative. Responsibilities include setting up the apparel table with samples of items that are available for sale, a current inventory, Website QR Code. This position is reserved for Fly Compton Staff. Zoom Attendance Admin (1) collect and submit attendance from live Ground Zoom on alternating Saturdays. Ground Instructor/Zoom Ground Instructor (1) prepare lessons and presentations with end lesson quizzes for flight class date selected. Optional: Upon completion of class, please send flight class presentations to to share with FCAEF students for student's review. This position is reserved for Fly Compton Certified Ground Instructors. Teaching tools available for use: Whiteboard, Paper, and Pens. [Zooms are hosted on alternating Saturdays.] Pays $50 per hour Certified Flight Instructor (3 - 4) instruct students via flight instruction using Fly Compton Fleet. Flight lessons will coincide with ground instruction lessons. Lesson subjects will be shared during check-in. This position is reserved for Fly Compton Certified Flight Instructors. Pays $50 per hour New volunteers wanting to work with FCAEF can apply at: FCAEF

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 72 hours in advance.

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